Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Make a Green Search Scrapbook with Google Green

Yesterday, Google revealed a neat way to look at the year in search. Using Google Green you can build a "green search scrapbook." The scrapbook highlights the most-searched environmentally themed searches. You can build your own scrapbook by responding to seven prompts. Just respond to the prompts by selecting a search topic from the list of options presented to you. For example, the first prompt is, "I would have never guessed that..." to which you respond by selecting one of ten search topics. When you make a selection you will learn a little bit of information about that topic. Click here to see my Google Green Scrapbook.

Applications for Education
Creating Google Green Scrapbooks could be a neat way for students to start exploring and researching topics in environmental science. Have all of your students create scrapbooks and post the links to them on a class blog, wiki, or Wallwisher for everyone to see and explore.