Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week in Review - Math Is Still Tops

Good Saturday morning (day, evening) from Maine. The second week of school after the holiday break is under our belts and hopefully we're all settled back into "school mode" with our students. Snow blanketed much of the US this week providing many of us with an unplanned day off. If that was the case for you, I hope you were able to take advantage of the day off (I spent mine reading a great book about Teddy Roosevelt).

For the second week in a row, the most popular post on Free Technology for Teachers was 11 Mathematics Resources to Try in 2011.

Here are the rest of the most popular posts of the week:
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I also want to say thank you again to all of the people who left very nice comments on 11 Things You Should Know About this Blog & Me. I really appreciated all of the kind words.

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Learn About Science with the Scitable App

Earlier this morning I shared the Khan Academy mobile app with you. On the same Open App Market page as the Khan App is the Scitable App. Scitable, as I wrote in late 2009, is website produced by Nature for the purpose of sharing articles, videos, and animations to help students understand topics in life science. The free Scitable Mobile app for the iPhone, the iPad, and Android devices puts much of that same great content into your hands wherever you go with your mobile device.

Join Me On Higher Ed Live This Sunday at 7pm

This Sunday at 7pm (EST) I'll be joining host Seth Odell as his guest on Higher Ed Live. We'll be talking about the current ed tech landscape, the future of ed tech, and of course I'll share a few of my favorite resources. It's only a half hour show but we may get in some viewer questions from the chat. And as an added bonus for attending you'll get to see me webcasting from my fly tying room our laundry folding room the guest room in our house. Click here to join us.

Put the Khan Academy on Your Mobile Device

If you like the Khan Academy's excellent videos and online lessons then  you're probably going to like the new Khan App. The Khan App is a free app for the iPhone, the iPad, and Android-powered devices. The Khan App provides access to the same videos and lessons you can find on the Khan Academy website. The Khan App is available through education section of the Open App Marketplace.

Applications for Education
The Khan Academy itself is a great place for teachers, students, and parents to find high quality online instruction in math, science, and social science topics. The Khan App allows you to take those lessons with you wherever you go. I'm picturing students using the Khan App to watch Khan Academy videos on the bus as a last minute review before a test.