Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Google Adds an Education Category to the Apps Marketplace

The Google Apps Marketplace has had some good education applications since its launch last year. At that time I showed you how to add services like Aviary to your Google Apps for Education account (note, you need to have administrative rights to add apps to a Google Apps for Education domain). Today, Google announced that they have launched a separate education section to the Google Apps Marketplace. In the new EDU section you will find services designed for school use that you can add to your Google Apps for Education domain.

Learn more about the education section of the Google Apps Marketplace in the video below.

Note, not all of the services in the Marketplace are free.

A Good List of Google Search Tricks

In late 2009 I published a short ebook containing 15 tips and tools for helping students improve their Internet search results. Then in late 2010 I shared with you a good presentation developed by Mark Moran and Shannon Firth about teaching search strategies. Today, I'd like to share with you a list of 100 Google Search Tricks. The list, compiled by Online College Courses, includes tips for refining searches using the tools built into Google and some tips for using operator words. Not all of the tricks are "new" or "secret" tricks, but I'm sure most readers will find something new to them on the list.

Here's my ebook mentioned above.

Beyond Google -

Here's the presentation mentioned above.

Zoom.it - Display Large Images in Small Spaces

Zoom.it is a neat application for displaying large images in blogs, wikis, and websites. Zoom.it creates a display of your images in a format that allows you to zoom in, zoom out, and scroll around a large image. To use Zoom.it your image does need to be hosted online somewhere (Flickr and Picasa work fine). Then to create your zoomable image just copy the url of your hosted image and paste it into Zoom.it. You can then share your image by giving people the direct link to it or embedding the image into your blog or website. Check out my zoomable image below.

Applications for Education
Zoom.it could be a useful tool for displaying large images that students have captured with a camera or created by hand in an art class. If students are doing work with textures and you want to be able to displayed their textured work online, a high resolution image is necessary. Unfortunately, large high resolution images are hard to display on most blog, wiki, and website pages. Putting that high resolution image into Zoom.it will make it possible to see the textured details of a high resolution image.

By the Numbers - Small Business in the US & Abroad

Almost without fail if you listen to any American politician talk for a while, you will eventually hear him or her talk about the importance of supporting small businesses to help the economy. How difficult is it to start a small business in the United States compared to other countries? What is the likelihood that a new small business will succeed? Intuit has those answers and more for us in a new infographic they've published. The infographic is huge so I've put it into Zoom.it to make it a little easier to zoom and scroll around to view.

10,000 Newspapers On Google Maps

Newspaper Map is a new tool for locating and reading newspapers from locations all around the world. Newspaper Map claims to have geolocated 10,000 newspapers. To find a newspaper you can browse the map then click on a placemark to open the link within to read a newspaper. You can also locate newspapers by using the search boxes to locate a newspaper by title or location. Along with links to the newspapers, Newspapers Map provides links to translate the newspapers you find on the map.

H/T to Google Maps Mania.

Applications for Education
Newspaper Map could be a great resource for locating newspapers from around the world that your students can read to different perspectives on world events. Reading newspapers from different parts of the world will also give students to learn about what is culturally important to different groups of people.

Ten Years of Wikipedia Animated

Wikipedia turned ten years old this month. Like anything that lives for ten years, Wikipedia has changed over those years. The State of Wikipedia, an animated video narrated by Jimmy Wales, chronicles the development of Wikipedia over the last ten years.

Even though Wikipedia has been around for ten years and many teachers have come to the place where they allow students to use it as a starting point in research, there are still many who do not understand Wikipedia. For those people, Common Craft has a clear explanation of how Wikipedia operates.