Sunday, March 13, 2011

Video - The Difference Between Stocks & Bonds

Last week I wrote a post about the National Financial Capability Challenge for high school students. That post included some lesson plan resources for teaching financial basics. Yesterday, I came across a nice short video from CBS Fast Draw that should also help students prepare for the NFCC. The Difference Between Stocks & Bonds uses a fun scenario to illustrate and explain the difference between the two.

Applications for Education
I've always found that talking about money, particularly scenarios for making money, gets even the most disinterested student's attention. Combine that with a fun cartoon about a crazy cat-loving cousin and you have a good way to introduce students to important economic concepts.

Interactive Maps & Images About Earthquake in Japan

The New York Times has many features about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Here are three that stand out.

The Crippled Japanese Nuclear Reactors is a set of drawings and animations that depicts how nuclear power plants are constructed and what could cause a meltdown at those facilities.

Map of the Damage From the Japanese Earthquake is an interactive map of sixteen locations in Japan affected by the earthquake. Zoom and click on the icons to see images and read information about each location.

How Shifting Plates Caused the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan is a series of drawings and animations that explain what causes earthquakes and tsunamis.