Sunday, March 20, 2011

Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

This weekend's episode of CBS Sunday Morning contained a seven minute segment that provided an overview of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. The fire happened 100 years ago this week. The fire claimed 146 lives. In the aftermath of the fire new legislation was passed regarding working conditions and child labor. The video is embedded below and you can also watch it here.

Applications for Education
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire is one of the events highlighted in the section about labor reform movement in the US History text we use at my school. This video is a great complement to that text.

Libyan Civil War - Interactive Map and Videos

Last week the students in my Global Studies course began creating short videos to inform their classmates about current events in Egypt and Libya. Now they have another aspect to add to their videos, the UN no-fly zone over Libya. In our first class this week one of the resources we'll be looking at is this interactive map from CNN. Libyan Civil War and U.N. Intervention includes placemarks representing attack sites, airbases, CNN-produced stories, CNN-produced videos, and CNN iReports from Libya.
I found this map on a list of good resources about Libya that Larry Ferlazzo compiled. If you need some more resources for teaching and learning about Libya, visit Larry's list.

Talking History - Audio Artifacts and Lessons

Talking History is an oral history website produced by SUNY Albany for the purpose of sharing history lessons and audio artifacts. Every week Talking History publishes two audio segments about various historical topics. One of the segments features historians talking about an event or theme in history. The other segment features an audio artifact about an event or theme. For example, the February 3 show had a segment about Paul Robeson and the artifact segment was a 1956 Universal Newsreel account of the Suez Crisis.

Applications for Education
As a history teacher I know that there are a lot of places on the web to find text-based artifacts and visual artifacts, but it can be a challenge to find good audio artifacts. Talking History could be a great resource for history teachers looking to bring audio artifacts into their classrooms.