Sunday, March 27, 2011

Video - Tony Gwynn and the Dangers of Tobacco

The lead story on this morning's episode of ESPN's Outside the Lines was about Baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn's struggle with addiction to chewing tobacco. Even after two tumors were removed from his mouth Gwynn continued to use chewing tobacco. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer caused by the use of chewing tobacco. Gwynn is now cancer free and tobacco free but, as you can see in the seven minute video below, only after being "scared straight."

Applications for Education
I don't know what the statistics are regarding "scared straight" stories as deterrents to tobacco use. But as high school baseball seasons are getting started all across the US right now, it might be good to show this video to teams before they take the field this season.

A Nice Online Catalog of New Resources

Two of my favorite Google Certified Teachers, Joyce Valenza and Kristen Swanson, have assembled a good collection of Web 2.0 tools and guides for teachers. The collection is part of STHS Library Guides. Their new tools catalog is organized by function (wikis, podcasting, etc) and topics related to technology use in schools (media literacy, fair use, privacy).

Applications for Education
If you're the technology integration specialist or just the "techy" person that everyone goes to, the STHS Library New Tools is a good site to refer your colleagues to when they need a quick reference to learn about new tools.