Monday, March 28, 2011

Scrumblr - Simple Online Sticky Note Sharing

Scrumblr is a new site that provides an online space to create and share sticky notes with a group. Scrumblr can be used by anyone to quickly create an online space for sharing stickies. To get started just enter a name for your space. The name you choose will be a part of the url for your sticky note space. To add notes just click the "+" symbol in the bottom left corner of the screen. Then double click to edit your notes.
Scrumblr sticky notes are limited to text only. In that regard Scrumblr is basically a no-frills version of services like Wallwisher or Spaaze

Applications for Education
Online sticky note services like Scrumblr are useful for brainstorming sessions in which students can quickly share a bunch of ideas with each other. The anonymous online format enables shy students to share their ideas without fear of criticism from other group members.

H/T to Ana Maria Menezes.

Excellent Free Ebook - How the Internet Works

So you and your students use the Internet everyday, but are you fluent in its language? Perhaps you've found yourself listening to a "techy" conversation where the terms IP, DNS, or PHP were being used and you wanted to know what those terms mean. What is an IP address? What is a DNS record? And just who is in charge of the Internet? Get answers to those questions and many more in Make Use Of's free ebook How the Internet Works. - How the Internet Works

If It Were My Home - Quick Comparisons of Countries

If It Were My Home is a neat site that I mentioned last June in reference to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. At that time If It Were My Home published a Google Map tool that allowed you to compare the size of the BP Oil Spill to your community. If It Were My Home now offers a feature for quickly comparing ten key statistics about life in different countries. To view the comparisons just select two countries from the lists and click compare. If It Were My Home will also show you a size comparison of a selected country centered over your hometown.

Learn more about If It Were My Home in today's episode of Tekzilla Daily.

What's a Motel Kid? Do You Have One in Your Classroom?

Last night I stumbled across a CNN video titled What's a Motel Kid? The short video is in part about families who live in motel rooms because they cannot afford any other housing. The video reminded me of a Snag Learning film called Immersion that illustrates the challenges ESL/ELL students face when taking some standardized mathematics tests.

Applications for Education
Today, I have to proctor a state-mandated test. As I work in a district that is currently struggling with unemployment and poverty I can't help but wonder how those issues will affect the performance of our students compared with those students in better-off areas of our state.