Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Google Tools to Support Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

Over the years I've written about many different ways that Google tools can be used in the classroom. In fact, there are so many Google tools that can be used in the classroom that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Fortunately for all of us Kathy Schrock has created an excellent resource to address that problem. Google Tools to Support Bloom's Revised Taxonomy is an interactive graphic that lists and links to Google tools that can be used to accomplish the tasks associated with each level of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.

Read Kathy Schrock's blog post in which she explains why she created this helpful interactive graphic.

Applications for Education
The next you're designing a lesson and you're wondering if Google has a resource to help you accomplish your lesson goals, check out Google Tools to Support Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.

What Would Darwin Think? Man Versus the Galapagos

This week's Snag Learning film of the week is What Would Darwin Think? Man Versus the Galapagos. This 25 minute film provides an overview of Darwin's original work in the Galapagos and the unique plants and animals that call the Galapagos home. The focus of the film is on the impact of ecotourism on the Galapgos Islands. You can watch the film and find discussion questions here.
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Applications for Education
After viewing the film in class you may want to have students go on a virtual journey with Darwin or take an interactive look at the Galapagos Islands.

Google +1 Adds Recommendations to Search Results

Google has had a real-time search option for quite a while now. Real-time search pulls in results from social media sites. Results from social media sites can provide some insight into what other people think are helpful or useful links. Today, Google announced a new search element that they're calling +1. +1 will allow people to recommend links in search results by clicking a +1 icon. Over time the number of times +1 is clicked will influence the search results you see. +1 is currently available to people with Google Profiles and will eventually be an element of all Google search experiences. Learn more about +1 in the video below.

New Street View Imagery of Historic Sites in Italy & France

For more than a year now Google has been going off road with motorized tricycles and snowmobiles to capture imagery for Google Maps Street View. Today, Google released some nice Street View imagery of historic sites in Italy and France. Now you can look inside the Colosseum in Rome, get an up-close look at the Palace of Venaria, or explore a châteaux in the French countryside. Explore the new imagery on your own in Google Maps or take a look at the Google Maps highlights gallery.

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Applications for Education
Google Street View imagery gives students the opportunity to see places in a way that a flat 2D image in a textbook can't provide. While we're on the topic of Italy, if you would like to explore some ways that teachers are using Google Earth to teach lessons on Rome, check out these award-winning lessons.