Saturday, April 9, 2011

An Education Video Playlist - Suggestions Wanted

Did You Know, A Vision of Students Today, and Do Schools Kill Creativity are popular videos addressing topics related to education in today's modern world. This morning I got the idea to start creating a YouTube playlist of some of these popular education videos. I kind of lost my momentum after seven videos so I'm looking for some help. You can see my playlist here. What do you suggest that I add to the list? Please leave a comment.

Week in Review - The Most Popular Posts

Greetings from Augusta, Maine where this morning I'll be facilitating a workshop about Google products for the Maine Education Association's Professional Issues Conference. The next time someone says about our profession, "you guys get every weekend and summer off" just remind them of all the professional things you do on those "days off." This morning I'll have forty people here who not only are not being paid to be here, many of them actually pay out of their own pockets to be here. (BTW, I'm facilitating this workshop for free because of all the good things the MEA has done for me over the years).

These are the most popular posts of the last week:
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5. John Wooden Gives a TED Talk
6. Anatomy Arcade - Anatomy Games
7. Google Maps Webinars - Google Maps for Research

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Brainstorming - Google Across the Curriculum

This morning I'm facilitating a workshop at the MEA (Maine Education Association) Professional Issues Conference in Augusta, Maine. My workshop is designed to introduced participants to variety of Google services that they can use in their classrooms. Included in the workshop are five collaborative brainstorming sessions. Links to the collaborative document for the brainstorming sessions are interspersed in the slides you see below. Feel free to look through the brainstorming session documents and contribute your own thoughts. If you do add your ideas to the document, please make a note that you're a "global participant" in the brainstorming sessions.