Thursday, April 21, 2011

NASA 360 - NASA from Space to Everyday Life

NASA 360 is a twenty-two episode series of videos about NASA. The episodes examine NASA's technological and scientific work. The episodes discuss how NASA's work is used not only in space exploration but also in elements of our modern everyday lives. The episodes can be downloaded from the NASA 360 page or viewed on Hulu.

I've embedded the Hulu NASA 360 widget below for those who would like to preview an episode before downloading.

Applications for Education
NASA 360 could be useful for getting students to think about math, science, and engineering in new ways. Students may be surprised to learn that NASA's work translates to many fields beyond space exploration.

Free Documentary TV - Find & Watch Free Documentaries

I love watching a good documentary. If Time Warner Cable would allow it, I would choose to receive only the channels that showed documentaries and sports. Fortunately, for those of us who love documentaries there are thousands of good ones available on the web if you can find them.

Free Documentary TV is designed to help you find and watch documentary films online. You can browse through 1700+ films on Free Documentary TV or enter search terms to find a film of interest to you. The majority of the films are served through the YouTube player so you can watch them on Free Documentary TV or on YouTube.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for a good documentary film to use in your classroom, give Free Documentary TV a try. If you do find a film that you like and it's hosted on YouTube, I recommend using View Pure to display it in your classroom without showing the "related content" and advertisements that appear on YouTube.

Show Me - Create and Share Lessons on an iPad

Show Me is a new iPad app and learning community designed for creating and sharing lessons on the iPad. The service is still in a closed beta, but it looks promising. The concept is simple, design a lesson on your iPad and share it with the community of iPad using educators. Show Me provides the app for creating the lesson. Watch the video below to learn a bit more about Show Me.

ShowMe iPad App from San Kim on Vimeo.

If you want to get early access to Show Me, go here to request access.

Applications for Education
Show Me looks like it could be a great app for teachers to create lessons. I would also like to see students using Show Me to create lessons for each other.

Learnable - Teach or Take a Course Online

Learnable is a service for teaching or taking courses online. Learnable allows anyone to create and deliver an online course. Instructors can set the admission for their courses. If you want to teach for free, you can. If you want to charge for a course, you can do that too (Learnable takes a percentage of the revenue). Your Learnable course can contain videos, articles, exercises, and Q&A forums.

The video below provides an introduction to Learnable.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for a platform through which you can deliver online instruction or tutoring, give Learnable a look. Learnable offers detailed directions for getting started delivering educational content online.

BooNote - Bookmarks and Notes Always At Your Side

In Tuesday's post about the Benefits of Social Media for Teachers I mentioned that even if you don't want to share your bookmarks publicly, you should still try using an online bookmarking service. One such service that you can try is BooNote. BooNote is an online bookmarking service that provides you with a free place to store bookmarks and notes. BooNote offers options for creating multiple folders for your notes and bookmarks. You can access BooNote from your computer and from your mobile device.

Applications for Education
BooNote is a simple service that you and your students can start using in minutes. Getting students to use an online bookmarking service is particularly important if your students have to rely on using public computer labs to do their work. By saving their notes and bookmarks online students can access their information from any computer.