Monday, April 25, 2011

Kwik Surveys - Create Surveys With Respondent Tracking

Kwik Surveys is a free survey tool that offers a bunch of excellent options. Kwik Surveys gives you the option to mix and match eleven different types of questions. You can administer your survey by posting it on a blog, website, or discussion forum. You can also email your survey to the people you want to take it. If you choose the email option, you can track who has taken your survey and restrict respondents to taking the survey only once.

Applications for Education
Kwik Surveys could be useful for any teacher or school administrator who needs to collect responses from students, staff, or parents. Using the email option could be a good way to make sure results aren't skewed by people taking your survey multiple times.

Trading Around the World - An Economics Game

Trading Around the World is an economics game hosted on the International Monetary Fund's website. The object of the game is to provide students with knowledge of the variables affecting international trade. Students experience the impact of each variable by playing the game as a representative of a country or region that is trying to buy or sell resources. The overall object of the game is to accumulate cash through buying and selling natural resources.

Applications for Education
Trading Around the World is a game appropriate for middle school students studying the variables associated with international trade. The game can be played in one sitting or stretched out to play in multiple sessions. When students start playing the game they are given a code to enter if they want to stop a game and continue playing it at a later time.

iBrainstorm - Free iPad & iPhone Brainstorming App

iBrainstorm is a free brainstorming application for the iPad and the iPhone. The app allows you to record brainstorming sessions using a combination of free hand drawings and sticky notes. You can share and collaborate with other users of iBrainstorm. Sharing notes and drawings between users in a local setting is a simple matter of "flicking" an item to another user. Watch the video below to see iBrainstorm in action.

Applications for Education
iBrainstorm could be a great application for schools that are using iPads in a 1:1 setting. The option to combine free hand drawings and sticky notes makes iBrainstorm flexible enough to suit learning and creation styles of most students.

Tsunami Mapper - Visualize a Tsunami in Your Area

Tsunami Mapper is a visualization creation tool built upon the Google Maps platform. Using Tsunami Mapper you can quickly measure how large an area a tsunami would affect if it hit your community. To use Tsunami Mapper just enter your location then enter a wave height and direction.

Applications for Education
Tsunami Mapper could be a neat tool for showing students how a tsunami could impact their communities. Students can experiment with wave height and direction to see how those variables could affect the impact of a tsunami.

Thank You Weekend Guests

Over the weekend four new guest bloggers stopped by to offer posts about their experiences using technology in their schools. If you didn't get a chance over the weekend, I encourage you to take some time to read about their experiences and glean some tips that you can use in your own teaching practices.

Using Google Sites in Second Language Instruction - Joanna Sanders Bobiash
My Experience With Wikis and Webs in Classroom - Mike Dunagan
Museum Web Quests, Sites, and Apps for Using iPods or Laptops - Rachel Langenhorst
Skype, Egypt, and Classroom Revolution... - Jeff Naslund

If you're interested in writing a guest post for Free Technology for Teachers please read this post then send an email to weekendguest (at) freetech4teachers (dot) com.