Friday, April 29, 2011 - Music Videos About Economics

Econ Stories is a great website that I just learned about through Lee Lefever's post on the Common Craft Blog. Econ Stories produces videos and articles that explain the differences between the economic theories made popular by John Maynard Keynes and F.A. Hayek. Econ Stories offers four mini documentaries and three informative and entertaining music videos. Watch the music video Fight of the Century Keynes vs. Hayek below.

Applications for Education
Discovering these videos came at the perfect time for me as my US History students have just reached the Great Depression in our curriculum. Right now I'm planning to use these videos as fun reviews of the content we study in class.

A Brief History of Royal Weddings

When I turned on the television this morning, all I could find was coverage of the Royal Wedding and the NFL Draft. I can't make much of a connection to the NFL Draft and the classroom, but there is a potential connection for the Royal Wedding and a history classroom. The video below features Emory University historian Patrick Allitt giving a two minute overview of the history and purposes of Royal Weddings.

H/T to Open Culture.

Resources for NETA Attendees and Those Who Wanted to Attend

I'm spending the day in Omaha, Nebraska presenting at NETA's annual conference. Below are links to the resources mentioned in my presentations today.

Richard Byrne's PD Site.

Google Tutorials

Video Creation Resources