Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random Number Generator Widgets for Your Blog

Last month I shared with you a handy random name selector. That tool is great if you have names to enter. However, if you really want to randomly select people for a task or a prize, try using a random number selector from Random.org. Using one of Random.org's widgets you can specify a range of numbers from which a random number will be generated each time someone clicks "generate" on the widget. Try a widget below.

Applications for Education
The next time you need to draw numbers for a PTA raffle or you need to assign numbers to students, give Random.org a try.

Life and Times of Fidel Castro - Snag Learning Film of the Week

This week's Snag Learning Film of the Week is Life and Times: Fidel Castro. Life and Times: Fidel Castro is a forty-seven minute film chronicling Castro from childhood through his young revolutionary actions to his leadership of Cuba. The film includes commentary from President Kennedy's speech writer Ted Sorensen, Nikita Kruschev's son Sergei, and President Carter. You can watch the film and find discussion questions here.
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Videolicious - Create Videos on Your iPhone or iPad

Videolicious is a free iOS app for creating videos on the go. The concept behind Videolicious is similar to that used by services like Animoto. Using Videolicious on your iPhone or iPad you can mix together images, video clips, music and your voice to create a short video. The user reviews of Videolicious are generally quite favorable, but there are some complaints that you have to turn on location services to use the app. Watch the video below to learn more about Videolicious (warning, the background music is annoying).

Applications for Education
For schools using iPads, Videolicious could be a good app to add to their devices for creating short videos about all kinds of subjects. The ability to narrate the video could make Videolicious great for videos in which students share tips for problem solving or sharing things they discovered on their own.

Letter Generator - Learn How To Write a Letter

Most communication happens electronically today but there are still some occasions when a good old fashioned paper letter is called for. Read Write Think offers a letter generator to help students learn how to format and write letters. Letter Generator can be used to create a personal or business letter. Letter Generator guides students through each step of the letter writing process. When their letters are complete, Read Write Think offers a template for addressing envelopes.

Thanks to Kyle Pace for sharing this resource on Twitter.

Applications for Education
Using Letter Generator could be a good way to have students practice their writing skills while sending a letter to someone in their lives who doesn't use email.