Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Google Search Tips Posters

Do you teach web search techniques? If so, here are some good free posters that you can print and display in your classroom, computer lab, or library. Google for Educators offers five free posters that feature instructions for making the most out of a Google search. The posters are available in two different sizes. You can view one of the posters below.

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Applications for Education
These posters provide helpful reminders that you can post in the areas near where students are using computers in your school.

Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom

In my on-going quest to learn more about the possible uses of iPads in the classroom I was happy to see that Tom Barrett has an interesting ways presentation about iPads. There are currently 55 ideas in the slidedeck (embedded below). I was particularly interested in the suggestions for using "hinge" questions, getting 4 year olds blogging, and mind mapping on the iPad. Take a look at the slides and if you have something to add, contact Tom to make your contribution.

Student Bullying Statistics Infographic

Update 2:00 pm ET. After a Twitter conversation with Sylvia Martinez, I've decided to add a couple of more comments about this infographic. One of the sources the infographic lists hasn't been updated in more than a year. Another source while current, is primarily an advertisement for legal services. Please consider your school's anti-bullying policies before printing and displaying this infographic in your classroom. 

Here's a good infographic for building awareness in your school about the effects of students bullying each other. The Student Bullying infographic produced by Buckfire Law, offers statistics related to the frequency of student bullying and the effects of bullying on students. I've dropped the image into to make it easier to examine on this blog, but you can also view the large image here.

Applications for Education
Displaying this infographic in classrooms or school offices could be a good aid in an effort to get students talking about bullying and to remind everyone in a school that bullying is a serious matter.

H/T to Cool Infographics.

Coming Down the Home Stretch - Share Your End of Year Advice

I talked with two colleagues this morning who asked me how I was doing and both times I simply said, "tired." They both replied with, "me too." I have a hunch that we're not unique among teachers. I'm willing to bet there are plenty of other teachers who are physically and mentally tired at this point in the school year. So as an exercise in helping each other, I've set up a Wallwisher wall for teachers to share their tips for finishing out the school year on a positive note. The wall is public and open to anyone, please take a minute to share a tip. The wall is embedded below and you can access it here.

I've started by sharing my tip of going for a walk outside during my lunch break. I find that getting outside if only for a few minutes recharges me for the second half of my day.