Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toporopa - Learn the Geography of Europe

Toporopa is a provider of educational and entertaining quiz games about Europe. In all Toporopa offers eighteen games in six languages. The games are primarily interactive identification games. For example, in the Capitals of Europe game players earn points by clicking on a country then entering the name of that country's capital. In Battles of Europe players earn points by dragging the name of a battle to its proper location on the map.

Applications for Education
Toporopa could be a good way for students to practice identifying geographic information about Europe. If you need a European geography practice activity for students to use individually, give Toporopa a try.

GCF Free Learn - Free Math, Reading, and Technology Lessons

GCF Free Learn provides online lessons and tutorials for mathematics, reading, and technology topics. The lessons on GCF Free Learn are a mix of text explanations, interactive displays and activities, and video demonstrations.

In the mathematics section of GCF Free Learn the lessons are focused on the basics of arithmetic. The mathematics section includes some "real life" practice problems using money. The money problems include adding coin values, giving change, and budgeting.

The goal the reading section of  GCF Free Learn is to help adults learners become more proficient readers. The reading section is a mix of sound matching activities, read along activities, and fill in the blank activities.

The computer section of GCF Free Learn is primarily devoted to learning how to use Microsoft products. There are also some sections on Internet safety and a section on using Google Apps.

Applications for Education
GCF Free Learn is intended to be a resource for the independent adult learner. The activities available could also be used as a supplement to classroom instruction. GCF Free Learn is also available in Spanish.

Spider Scribe - Mind Mapping with Images, Maps, and More

Spider Scribe is an online mind map creation service. Spider Scribe can be used individually or be used collaboratively. I've reviewed a lot of mind mapping tools over the years. What jumps out about Spider Scribe is that users can add images, maps, calendars, text notes, and uploaded text files to their mind maps. Users can connect the elements on their mind maps or let them each stand on their own.

Applications for Education
For visual learners Spider Scribe could be a great way to organize information. Students can upload pictures about a subject then organize them into a sequence or pattern that explains a concept or event.

CNN Student News - Flooding, Levees, and Snakes

Today's episode of CNN Student News leads off with a segment about the efforts to divert flood waters away from downtown Vicksburg, Mississippi. The efforts include the rapid construction of a flood wall. The episode is embedded below.

The CNN Student News homepage has an "in depth" section that leads to a story about the flood waters in Mississippi. Part of that story is a tour of flood walls. Another aspect of that story includes a warning to residents to be aware that many snakes are displaced by the flood waters and to be cautious around the snakes they see. That story is embedded below.

If you show these videos in your classroom, some students will want to know how levees work. How Stuff Works has a five part explanation of levees.