Friday, May 20, 2011

webNotes - Take Notes on Your Android Device and Computer

webNotes is a free Android application for taking notes. You can use the app on your phone or on your computer. Notes written on your Android phone and notes that you write in your online webNotes account are automatically synced. You can find the app in here in the Android Market. Watch webNotes in action in the video below.

Applications for Education
webNotes could be a handy little app for students who use to-do lists to get things done. Students can write and maintain their lists from home, from school, or anywhere in between.

Sparking Inquiry With Popular Science

Earlier this week I found myself spending a while browsing through the archived photo galleries of Popular Science. A few that I found quite interesting were this one of nuclear reactor schematics, the Golden Age of Zeppelins, and "How it Works" Through History. As I browsed through the galleries I thought about how they sparked my curiosity and could probably do the same for many students.

Applications for Education
In my special education class I often use pictures or video clips to try to spark students' curiosity and get them asking questions. I find that to be a good way to get everyone involved in a "warm up" conversation before launching into the day's lesson. With more than 90 pages of photo galleries Popular Science is a good place to search for some curiosity-sparking images.

60 Second Lectures from U Penn

Larry Ferlazzo has discovered another great little source of "TED Talk -like" videos. The 60 Second Lectures is a series of one minute lectures presented by professor in the University of Pennsylvania's School of Arts and Sciences. The lectures cover all kinds of topics from water and climate change to what makes a poem a poem. The lectures can viewed on YouTube or downloaded from The 60 Second Lectures archive.

What Makes a Poem a Poem is embedded below.

Applications for Education
The 60 Second Lectures could be a good way for students to pick up a few bits of information about a wide variety of topics. I also think that these lectures could make good writing prompts for students. Have students watch a 60 Second Lecture then write a response to it.

The Week in Rap - Flooding, NASA, and More

Shannon Miller's Tweet about it reminded me that it has been a while since I've posted an episode of The Week in Rap. For those who haven't seen it before, The Week in Rap is a weekly summary of news headlines from around the world set to rap music. This morning I discovered that if you go to The Week in Rap website you can read a transcript of the video that includes hyperlinks to news articles about some of the headlines in the video. You can watch this week's episode and read the transcript here.