Monday, May 23, 2011

ISS Astro Viewer - Track the International Space Station

ISS Astro Viewer is a neat little use of Google Maps to track the position of the International Space Station. The ISS Astro Viewer shows visitors the location of the International Space Station relative to the Earth. There are two maps featured on the ISS Astro Viewer. One map displays the current view of the Earth as you would see it from the ISS. The other map displays the current position of the ISS and its position track relative to the Earth.
It appears that the astronauts see the oceans more often than not. :)

ISS Astro Viewer offers a Google Gadget that you can add to your iGoogle page or embed into your blog or website as I have done below.

Applications for Education
ISS Astro Viewer could be a nice little tool to add to your lessons on space science. The Observation page on ISS Astro Viewer provides a list of times that the ISS can be visible from your position on Earth.

H/T to Google Maps Mania.

Dozens of SMART Board Tutorial Videos

Fusion Universal produces short instructional videos about a wide range of technology topics. A subscription is required for viewing most of their videos, but their videos about SMART Boards appear to be entirely free for the viewing. Fusion Universal offers more than three dozen SMART Board tutorial videos. The videos cover everything from turning on a SMART Board to creating lesson activities. The videos do have to be viewed on the Fusion Universal site as they do not offer an option for sharing the videos any other way.

H/T to Dianne Krause.

Applications for Education
If you're the person responsible for training people in your school how to use SMART Boards, directing people to these videos could save you some time by not having to repeatedly answer common questions like, "how do I turn this thing on?"

Great Wall Across the Yangtze - Snag Learning Film of the Week

China's Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydroelectric dam in the world. The completion of the dam is regarded by Chinese officials as a marvelous engineering and economic success. But the completion of the dam had a tremendous economic and cultural impact on the people who live upriver from the dam.

In Great Wall Across the Yangtze PBS filmmaker Ellen Perry examines the effect of the Three Gorges Dam's construction on the people living upriver from the dam. Using a mix of new and archival footage the film also explains why the dam was built. Through the film students will learn not only why the dam was constructed but why some people were opposed to its construction.
Watch more free documentaries
You can watch the film in its entirety and find discussion questions for it here. - Quickly Take & Share Meeting Notes is a free and simple service for recording minutes during a meeting and sharing them with all meeting participants. When you create a new meeting document on each meeting attendant can be assigned to each note regarding the meeting. Each note in your meeting document can be assigned a "note type." For example in the meeting I created each participant's name was entered alongside a "to do" note with a due date.

When you've finished recording notes from your meeting you can share them via email or share the link to the meeting notes by posting the url on your preferred social media service. also gives you a printer-friendly option to print your notes.

Applications for Education could be used by students working in collaborative groups to assign tasks to group members and track the completion of those tasks.