Thursday, June 9, 2011

Explore Nat Geo Traveler and Fotopedia on Your iPad

As I've mentioned in the past, Fotopedia is a great place to explore fantastic images of all kinds of wild places like National Parks. Now Fotopedia has partnered with National Geographic Traveler to bring you Dreams of Burma on your iPad. Dreams of Burma contains more than one thousand images of the places and people that make Burma unique.

Fotopedia also offers an app called Fotopedia Heritage. Fotopedia Heritage features more than 25,000 images of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Each image is accompanied by descriptions of each place. Robert Scoble wrote this in his review of the app, "It's kind of like a new kind of atlas with thousands of photos at your fingertips." Learn more about the app in the video below. - Vocabulary Lesson Plans and Puzzles offers free vocabulary lessons, word lists, and word puzzles designed for middle school and high school students. The vocabulary lists are based on books commonly used in middle school and high school classrooms. also offers word lists and activities based on SAT vocabulary. Visitors to will find stand-alone vocabulary lessons as well as activities to complement the reading of specific stories.

Applications for Education
If you're planning a series of lessons on one of "standard books" for middle school or high school, could provide you with some good vocabulary lists and lesson ideas to get started. Students prepping for the SAT should take some time to explore the SAT word puzzles offered by

VSee - Video Conferencing and Desktop Sharing

VSee is an alternative to Skype for hosting a video conference and sharing your desktop with others. Just as with Skype, you can hold multiple party calls and share your screen with another person. Where VSee tries to differentiate itself is in the quality of their calls and connection speeds. VSee offers HD video for clear call quality. For mobile users, VSee claims to use 50% less bandwidth than Skype.  Sharing files through VSee is a simple drag and drop process of just dragging your file onto another person's video window during your call.

Learn more about VSee in the video below.

Applications for Education
VSee is free for personal use so students who are working on projects together could use it without having to buy a subscription. I'm not sure how pricing would work for a school-wide deployment. VSee does mention options for non-profit use in their FAQ section.

For other free options for hosting video conferences check out this review of Four Ways to Give Short Presentations Online.