Monday, June 20, 2011

Visions of Students Today - A Video Collage

Over the weekend Michael Wesch and his students launched Visions of Students Today. Many of you may be familiar with A Vision of Students Today which Wesch released three years ago. Visions of Students Today is a video collage that was composed from hundreds of submissions from students all over the world. You can read the full story of the project's creation on Michael Wesch's blog.

Visions of Students Today is not just a video, it's a video collage. You can simply watch the video on YouTube, but if you visit you can interact with the video. Visions of Students Today was created using HTML5 which allows the creators to link to books, videos, and sites within the video. Go to and click on the elements you in the video to learn more about them.

Below is the non-interactive version of Visions of Students Today.

Applications for Education
Like A Vision of Students Today, viewing Visions of Students Today is a good way to learn or be reminded of how students act and live in their daily lives. Interacting with is a good way to learn more about the things that appear in the video.

Ten Marks Summer Mathematics Learning

Last fall I wrote about Ten Marks' launch of a free program for teachers called Ten Marks for Educators. Ten Marks for Educators provides educators with an online forum in which they can assign mathematics practice problems to students and track their students' progress. If a student gets stuck on a problem he or she can open a tutorial to help him or her through the problem. Ten Marks provides teachers with the option to CC parents on the assignments sent to students. The online curriculum provided by Ten Marks can be aligned to the state standards a teacher chooses.

As a follow-up to the free service that Ten Marks offered teachers this year, they are now offering a summer program for students and their parents. The summer program is designed for students in grades three through twelve. The program provides three assignments a week with video lessons to help students work through the mathematics problems.

The summer program is not free ($39 for three months per student) but the president of Ten Marks, Andrew Joseph, will give away two subscriptions to readers of Free Technology for Teachers who write comments on this post about how they have used Ten Marks in the past or plan to use Ten Marks in the future. On Thursday of this week I'll use a random selector to choose winners. If you win you can give the subscription to a deserving student.

Education Week recently published an article that included a mention of students in Indiana schools and Chicago schools using Ten Marks. In the video below there is a short testimony of 5th grade teacher's experience with Ten Marks.

Just to reiterate, the Ten Marks for Educators program remains free. The summer individual program is a fee-based service but you can win a subscription by commenting on this post.

Snag Learning Film of the Week - Lakshmi and Me

This week's Snag Learning Film of the Week is Lakshmi and Me. Lakshmi and Me takes a look at India's ancient caste system through a modern lens. Lakshmi and Me is about the relationship between a documentary film maker and the domestic worker that came to live with and work for her as a teenager. As always, Snag Learning provides discussion questions to accompany this hour long film.
Watch more free documentaries

Free Math Lessons at Free Math Help

Free Math Help, as the name implies, offers students free mathematics tutorials. Tutorials are available as text based lessons or narrated video lessons. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Statistics tutorials are available for free to students. If, after watching the tutorials students have more questions, students can head over to the message boards to ask clarifying questions.

Applications for EducationFree Math Help could be a good resource for middle school, high school, and some undergraduate students to find mathematics help when you're not available. If you're a mathematics teacher, Free Math Help is a good website to link to your class blog or website.