Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to Use Google Bookmarks

One of the parts of the Google Across the Curriculum workshop that I ran today was about using Google Bookmarks. For most of the participants in today's workshop using a web-based bookmarking service instead of a browser-based service was a new and welcome concept. The slides below were the basis for the hand-outs that today's participants received. For more more Google tools tutorials like this one, check out my Google Tutorials page.

If you're wondering about the benefits of using a social bookmarking service, watch Common Craft's explanation below.

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Folder Boy - Capture, Share, and Organize Ideas

Folder Boy is a new service for recording, sharing, and organizing ideas with a team. At its most basic Folder Boy helps you organize your thoughts through an expandable outline format. You can create folders for each series of thoughts. Within each folder you can lists and sub-lists of typed thoughts. Folder Boy can be shared with anyone you like through email invitations. Once accepted those people you invite can collaborate with you. A feature currently in beta is uploading files to accompany your ideas.

Learn more about Folder Boy in the video below.

Applications for Education
Folder Boy could be a good tool for students to use to outline research projects and plan the construction of other long-term projects.

Cleopatra's Alexandria an Interactive Map

This month's National Geographic cover story is all about Cleopatra. This month NGM.com has some nice resources to support the print article. Cleopatra's Alexandria is an interactive map recreating what Alexandria may have looked like during Cleopatra's reign. Cleopatra in Pop Culture is a ten question quiz about references to Cleopatra in pop culture over the years. The video below, simply titled Cleopatra, is a four minute biography of Cleopatra.

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Mr. Printables - Flashcards and More for K-2

Mr. Printables is a nice little resource for locating printable flashcards, games, puzzles, coloring pages, calendars, and more. The flashcards are designed for use with young students learning things like the alphabet, basic vocabulary, shapes, and basic mathematics. The flashcards include pictures intended to help students recall the content on the flashcards. All of the materials are available as PDFs that you can download and reuse for non-commercial purposes.

Applications for Education
Pre-K and early elementary school teachers should find Mr. Printables to be a handy little resource. Even if you don't use the resources in your classroom, you might want to consider referring parents to the site to find materials to use at home with their children.

What an Astronaut's Camera Sees

What an Astronaut's Camera Sees is an impressive narrated video of images of Earth as captured from space. The video is narrated by Dr. Justin Wilkinson from NASA. The video includes images of deserts in Africa, Sicily, the Kamchatka Peninsula, China, the Zagros Mountains, Australia, the Great Salt Lake, and the Andes Mountains. The video is embedded below.

You can read the transcript of the narration below the video on YouTube. This video is part of YouTube user SpaceRip's channel. Explore SpaceRip's channel to find more excellent space videos.

Applications for Education
Here's an idea for a small geography project based on this video. Show the video to students then have them try to locate the same places in Google Earth. Then have students research the unique geographic features of each of the places featured in What an Astronaut's Camera Sees.

H/T to Open Culture.