Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Interactive US Population Map

Last winter The New York Times published an interactive map based on preliminary 2010 US Census data. Now the US Census Bureau has published their own interactive population map. The US Census Bureau's interactive population map allows you to view demographic data about the US population on a Google Map. You can view data in five demographic categories; total population, ethnicity, race, sex and age,  and housing status. The data display can be refined down to counties and census blocks within each state.

Applications for Education
This interactive population map could be a good way for students to learn more about their home states and counties. You could also have students use this map as part of a research assignment in which they other parts of the country and compare it with their own communities. You could then have students research the possible causes of the differences in demographics.

Google Books for Educators - A How-to Guide

Google Books is a great place to find all kinds of books and magazines that you can preview and or read for free online or on your ereader device. For the last couple of years I've been using Google Books to create lists of free books that my US History students can access for research assignments. I do that by searching for a topic in Google Books, filtering results to show only "free Google eBooks," putting the titles on a Google Bookshelf, then sharing the link to the shelf I created. My students can then visit my bookshelf to see the books that I have recommended to them.

The slides below will walk you through how to use Google Books for the purposes of locating free books that can be read online or downloaded, searching within a book, and creating shelves to share with others. The tutorial assumes that you already have a Google account. If you don't have a Google account I recommend creating one before going through this tutorial.

Expand the slides to full screen to see the details of the screen images.

Updated - Most Popular and Favorite Resources Lists

Over the weekend I made some minor updates to Free Technology for Teachers. One of those updates was to the list of the most-visited posts of Free Technology for Teachers. I also added a list of ten of my favorite resources that I frequently use in my social studies classroom. If you're interested in viewing those lists, they are available here.

Coloring 4 All - Drawing Pad, Puzzles, Printables

I don't often share resources for online coloring games and or printables, but it's the summer (in the northern hemisphere) and I realize that some of you might find yourselves in need of some of these resources from time to time. If you find yourself with the need for either online or printable coloring pages and puzzles, Coloring 4 All might have what you need.

Coloring 4 All offers free printable coloring pages, online puzzles, and an online drawing board. The online drawing board can be used as a blank slate or children can select a picture to color. If puzzles are what you're after, Coloring 4 All offers customizable online jigsaw puzzles. To use the puzzles just select a picture then select the number of pieces you want the picture divided into. For the webmasters out there, Coloring 4 All makes many of their coloring pages and puzzles available for free re-use.