Friday, July 15, 2011

BLine Test Prep Offers Free SAT Prep

BLine Test Prep is a test preparation service that is now offering a free SAT and GMAT preparation program. Both programs offer full-length practice tests that students take online. After completing a practice test students receive instant feedback on the questions they answered. The feedback comes with animated and narrated explanations of the correct answers. For busy students who don't have time to work through a whole test in one sitting, there is an option to pause and come back to the same place later. Overall, this could be a good service for students to use as they prepare to take the SAT this fall.

ShowMe App Announces Outstanding ShowMe Contest

ShowMe, providers of an iPad app for creating and sharing whiteboard lessons, has announced the launch of the Outstanding ShowMe Contest. To enter the contest just create a lesson using the free ShowMe app and share it on the ShowMe Facebook page. The lesson that receives the most votes on the ShowMe Facebook page will receive a free iPad 2. You can read one of my previous posts about ShowMe and see a lesson created with the app here.

CNN Student News Offers Students Job Hunting Advice

This week's special summer edition of CNN Student News features interviews with a employee recruiter and professionals at CNN offering their best advice to students on the job hunt. The video is embedded below.

While the advice in the video is sound I would also add that students should be actively managing their digital footprints so when a potential employer does a Google search on that student nothing inappropriate is found. I would also encourage students to use a service like Visual CV to develop an online resume that links to examples of their work.

Slide Staxx - Create Slideshows of Your Web Findings

Slide Staxx is a new service that allows you to create slideshows using videos, images, and webpages that you have found or created. To create a slideshow with Slide Staxx you simply specify the URLs for the content that you want to include in each of your slides. Each slide can contain a video, an image, or a webpage. You can caption each slide or let the slides speak for themselves. You can rearrange the sequence of your slides by simply dragging and dropping them into the order you like. Your finished Slide Staxx slideshow can be embedded into your blog or website. I've embedded a sample Slide Staxx slideshow below.

Applications for Education
Slide Staxx could be a great tool for having students organize and share the media that they have found online relating to a particular topic. In the example above all of the media is related to the Space Race. As an introduction to a unit of study you could assign students a series of related topics and have them gather and share through Slide Staxx some preliminary information which they later research in more depth.

Knovio - Sync Your Slides to a Video Presentation

Knovio is a new service for delivering presentations online. To use Knovio you upload your slides to the site then use your webcam to record a video of yourself talking about the slides. When you're finished your video and slides will be synchronized and displayed side-by-side. Knovio presentations can be embedded into your blog or website. Knovio is currently in a private beta stage so you do have to register and wait for an invitation to the service.

Applications for Education
Knovio appears to be similar to Slide Six and Slideshare's Zipcast service. All three of these services could be used by teachers who are using the "flipped" classroom model.