Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quizlet Now Offers "Speller" Mode in 18 Languages

The popular online flashcard service Quizlet recently made two big announcements. First, they now offer text-to-speech in eighteen languages. Second, they launched a new study mode that they've name "speller." Speller mode plays words for you that you then have to type correctly into the space provided. If you misspell the word that is read to you, Quizlet will show you your errors.

Applications for Education
Quizlet was already a popular and useful service, the addition of more languages and the new "speller" mode should make the service even more useful than before. Quizlet is one of those services that I show to students once in my history classroom and they often end up using it in many of their other courses because they like it so much.

$100 off Many Tablets at Staples

This post marks the second time I've ever written a post just to pass along savings on a product, but it just seems too good not to pass it along. Through July 30, Staples is offering a $100 off coupon for many popular tablets. This offer appears to include the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Motorola Zoom, Blackberry Playbook, and many others. It does exclude the HP tablet, Kindles, and Nooks. The offer applies to in-store purchases only. Grab the coupon here. I learned about this offer from Allen Stern at Center Networks. I haven't been to Staples yet to confirm that the offer is valid in my area, but I plan to do that this afternoon. If it's good I could be looking at getting the Samsung Galaxy Tablet for $400 instead of $500 at Amazon.

Full Disclosure: The coupon link does not include any affiliate link. The Amazon image below is an affiliate link.

JayCut Bought Out by RIM (Blackberry)

I've promoted the heck out of JayCut since it launched in it's current version in early 2010. I've had my students create short documentary videos by using JayCut, I've shown it off in-person to a couple thousand educators, and even co-developed a video creation contest featuring JayCut. And now like so many other awesome online tools, JayCut has been acquired by a bigger company.

On Friday JayCut announced that they have been bought by RIM (Blackberry) and as of now they are not accepting new registrations. If you have an existing JayCut account you can still log-in and download your videos. It appears that the JayCut tools will live-on in some form as a Blackberry app, but as of now it's not clear what that form will look like or cost. My advice to those of you who have content in JayCut, download it now before it's gone.