Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google Related - A Chrome Extension for Finding Related Content

Google Related is a new extension for the Google Chrome Browser that will display related links on the webpage that you're currently viewing. Here's how it works; conduct a Google search as you normally would then when you open a webpage Google Related will display some suggested items at the bottom of the page. Watch the video below to see it in action.

Google Related is also available as part of the Google browser toolbar.

Applications for Education
Google Related could be a very convenient tool for students when they are researching a topic online. If students are reading a webpage that they think is helping them with their quests, Google Related should make it easier to find more helpful content without having to go back to the search page again.

Math Pickle - Math Videos and Exercises for K-12

Math Pickle is a nice site for locating videos and exercises appropriate for teaching a variety of mathematics concepts at a variety of grade levels. When you visit Math Pickle you can browse for videos by grade level. Once you've selected a grade level you can then refine your browsing to a particular concept. Each concept has a demonstration video and links to Keynote and Powerpoint files for teachers. Each concept also has links to PDF worksheets that you can download and print.

Applications for Education
For mathematics teachers looking for material to include in their next lesson plan, Math Pickle could be a handy resource.

Educational Twitter Chats Calendar

One of the ways that educators can benefit from using Twitter is to participate in any number of Twitter chats. Twitter chats are scheduled events or conversations that use a specific hashtag in an attempt to organize a conversation around a particular topic. I don't often participate, in part, because I forget the schedule of chats. Yesterday, through David Wees I learned about a great calendar of educational Twitter chats. The calendar was constructed by Sarah Kaiser using Jerry Blumengarten's list of Twitter chats.

Applications for Education
If you're new to Twitter participating in ed chats can be a good way to connect with other educators that are interested in the same topics as you. Expand the calendar above to see the chats based around the topics you teach.

Map Makerpedia - Learn How to Contribute to Google Map Maker

Google Map Maker is a community-powered project whose purpose is to develop the most accurate Google Maps possible. The project is based on the idea that no one knows an area better than the people that live there. Therefore, the people that live there should be able to make the best maps of that area. Watch the video below to learn more about the ideas behind Google Map Maker.

Yesterday, I learned about Google Map Makerpedia. Map Makerpedia is a resource for learning how to use Map Makerpedia from the basics through advanced options like including image overlays. You will also find Google Map Maker use cases from around the world on Map Makerpedia.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for some Google Maps how-to lessons, Map Makerpedia could be a good resource for you. Take a look at the section on collaborative mapping for some ideas about how your community can participate in making Google Map Maker better.