Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Magazinify - Convert Articles to PDFs to Read Later

Update March 2018: This service no longer exists.

Magazinify is a free service that takes your bookmarked articles and turns them into an easy-to-read PDF. Magazinify is available as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. They also offer a bookmarklet for Internet Explorer and Safari users. With Magazinify installed just bookmark articles and they will all be emailed to you as a PDF at the end of the day (whatever time you want that to be). Magazinify articles can be viewed on your desktop and on your mobile device.

Applications for Education
Magazinify could be a good service for capturing your bookmarks in one easy-to-read document. If you have a set of articles that you want your students to read for your class, using Magazinify could be a good way to organize them into a printer-friendly format for distribution in your classroom.

Faux Flash - Create and Share Flashards

Faux Flash is a new easy-to-use flashcard service. With Faux Flash you can create your own flashcard sets or browse for sets created and shared by other users. All flashcards that you create with Faux Flash can include images in the questions and answers. You can register for Faux Flash using your email address, Twitter account, or Facebook account.

Applications for Education
Faux Flash is much like many other flashcard services that allow to share flashcard sets with others. The service is quite simple to use and takes just seconds to get registered to use. If you're looking for a simple flashcard service for your students to use online, give Faux Flash a look.

Remindii - Never Miss a Birthday Again

Remindii is a simple service for helping you remember important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. To use the service just enter the date of reminder you need and your email address. Then on that date Remindii will send you an email reminder. It's that simple.

Applications for Education
As soon as I saw Remindii I thought of teachers who like to do things for students on their birthday. Remindii could be helpful for remembering those dates.

Transmiti - Translate All Text in Windows

Transmiti is a free download for Windows users who would like an easy way to translate just about anything on their desktops. With Transmiti installed you can simply highlight the text in any window and have it translated for you via Google Translate. This saves the step of copying and pasting from one window to another. You can set hot keys to speed up the process of translation into your preferred language. Watch the Tekzilla Daily video below to learn more about Transmiti.

Applications for Education
Transmiti does rely on Google Translate which is widely known as not the most accurate of translation services. That said, Transmiti could still be helpful for quickly translating some materials that students may need to access on the Windows computers in your school.