Sunday, September 25, 2011

Concept Board Comes to Google+

Concept Board, a collaborative online whiteboard that I reviewed in August, recently released a Google Chrome App that integrates with Google+ Hangouts. Concept Board for Google+ allows you to collaborate on mind maps and other whiteboard activities through Google+ Hangouts. Invite your collaborators to hangout with you on Google+ and you can talk while developing a mind map or other diagram together. The video below offers a demonstration of Concept Board for Google+.

Applications for Education
Concept Board for Google+ could be a great way for students to collaborate on the development of an outline for a group project. By using Google+ Hangouts students can quickly make clarifications to each other regarding the various elements of the mind maps that they've created.

Pronunciator - Lessons for Learning 60 Languages

Pronunciator is a free service offering self-paced lessons for sixty languages. Each lesson is comprised of flashcards that are read to viewers in the language that they are trying to learn. Additionally, each flashcard has each word written in the student's native language and the language that he or she is trying to learn. There are practice quizzes available with the Pronunciator lessons. You can watch a demonstration of the quizzes in the video below.

Applications for Education
Pronunciator could be a good study resource for students to use as supplement to the classroom instruction that they receive from you.