Monday, September 26, 2011

Vocalyze - Listen to the Web

Vocalyze is a free service that reads the content of popular websites to you. You can subscribe to popular sites across twelve different categories. To build up your playlist just click on a category then click on a site. If you want to delete a website from your playlist just click the "x" next to it in your favorites list. Vocalyze works on your computer, Android device, and iOS device.

Applications for Education
Vocalyze makes news and other content available to students with vision impairments that prevent them from reading online. Vocalyze could also be used to support struggling readers as you use current events stories in your classroom.

Aww App - A Collaborative Whiteboard that You Can Add to Your Site

Aww App is a super simple browser-based application for creating drawings. To get started just go to and click on "start drawing."  To invite people to collaborate on your drawing just send them the link assigned to your drawing board and they can join in the drawing fun.

If you would like to use Aww App on your classroom or school website and you have familiarity with editing the code of your site, you can install Aww App for free. The free version of Aww App when installed on your own site does not allow sharing. For $10/month you can enable sharing. Please note, itself is completely free with sharing options. The pricing only applies if you want to run it on your own website.

Applications for Education
There is not a ton options for your drawing tools on Aww App, but there are enough that you can certainly illustrate your point(s). I actually like that there is a limited selection of drawing tools because it will force students to focus on illustrating and diagramming their points rather than worry about making them aesthetically pleasing.

TenMarks - A Free Math Program for Your Class

Disclosure: TenMarks recently became an advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers. Prior to that I wrote about it a couple of times without any input from them.

TenMarks offers a free online mathematics program designed to supplement your in-classroom mathematics instruction. The free TenMarks program covers materials for students in grades two through ten. In the program there are more than 2,000 video lessons available to students to view on demand. Teachers can use the TenMarks program to assign lessons and problems to individual students or to an entire class. Teachers can track the progress of individual students and the progress of an entire class. Watch the video below to learn more about the free TenMarks mathematics program for your classroom.

One of the questions that I'm often asked about free services is, "how can we know it will stay online and free?" While I can never answer that definitively (see Ning as example of a company changing policies) I can pass along the information that TechCrunch reported TenMarks as recently receiving $3million in venture capital. So hopefully, that keeps TenMarks going for a while.

JavaScript for Teachers - A Free Webinar

This is kind of late notice, but I just learned about this promising webinar and have to pass it along. Today, at 2pm PT, 5pm ET Google is hosting a free webinar JavaScript for Educators webinar. This webinar will introduce teachers to creating helpful time-saving scripts to use in Google Spreadsheets. For example, teachers will learn how to send emails from a spreadsheet using a script.

Thanks to Lucy Gray for sharing this on Google+.

GeoGebraTube - Shared Resources for GeoGebra Users

GeoGebraTube is a community site for teachers who teach with GeoGebra to share and find a wide range free resources. On GeoGebraTube visitors will find user-created tutorials, lessons, and worksheets. Visitors can search for resources by age group, language, and material type. All materials are freely available for noncommercial reuse.

Applications for Education
If you're a mathematics teacher whose school is using GeoGebra, GeoGebraTube could be a good reference to bookmark. When you start planning your next lesson browse through GeoGebraTube before trying to reinvent the wheel (or a lesson plan that someone else has already published).

H/T to Mathematics and Multimedia.