Friday, September 30, 2011

Famigo - Find Family-Friendly Apps for Your Phone

If your child can't wait to grab the iPad or Android tablet out of your hands, Famigo is a website that you need to check out. Famigo offers categorized reviews of thousands of Android and iOS apps and games for kids. You can search Famigo by age group, app type, game type, and whether or not the app is free or paid. The video below offers an overview of Famigo.

Applications for Education
Famigo is designed for parents to find apps and games for their kids. It could also be a good place for teachers to find apps to use in their classrooms. Another site with a similar purpose is

H/T to TechCrunch.

A Horse Connection

This week's Snag Learning film of the week is A Horse Connection. A Horse Connection is a short documentary about Nancy King, her equine therapy program for people with special needs, and five of her clients. As always Snag Learning has a set of discussion questions to use with your students after viewing the documentary.

YouTube Policy Myths Clarified

This morning on their official blog YouTube posted a list of nine common myths about YouTube policies. It's an informative list that I'd encourage you to view and perhaps review with any of your students that are posting content to YouTube.

One myth that I wish they had included in the list regards downloading of content from YouTube. From my reading and research it seems that you should only download works that have been labeled for that purpose such those labeled with a Creative Commons license. Of course, there are plenty of tools out there on the web for downloading videos from YouTube, a quick Google search will yield plenty of links to tools for that purpose.

Speak It - Text to Speech in Google Chrome

Speak It is a Google Chrome extension that enables you to have the text on most webpages read to you. With Speak It installed just highlight the text on a the page you're viewing then right-click to activate Speak It. Then click the play button to have the text read to you. The voice is very digitized, but it is clear.

Installing Speak It takes just a few seconds. To install it go to Speak It's page in the Chrome Web Store and click the install button. Restarting your browser is not required in order to activate Speak It. If you decide that you don't want to use Speak It any longer you can uninstall it by right-clicking on the Speak It icon in your browser and selecting uninstall.

A video demonstration of Speak It is embedded below.

Applications for Education
Speak It isn't a perfect text to speech app, but it is adequate for having webpages read to students. For the student that needs to hear a word pronounced or needs a sentence read to him or her for clarification, Speak It could be a handy extension to have installed in Google Chrome.