Saturday, October 1, 2011

dotEPUB - Convert Any Webpage into an ePub Document

dotEPUB is a free service that allows you to convert the content of a webpage into an ePub format to read on your tablet, phone, or other ereader device. dotEPUB can be used as a browser bookmarklet in Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. In Chrome you can also use the dotEPUB Chrome extension. With the bookmarklet or browser extension installed just click it to activate, convert the webpage, and send it to your ereader device.

For bloggers, dotEPUB offers a widget that you can install to enable visitors to convert your blog posts to ePub format. I looked through the widget documentation and have to say that while the directions are clear, installing the widget might not be easy for those who get nervous opening up the source code of their blogs.

The video below offers an overview of installing and using the dotEPUB bookmarklet.

Applications for Education
dotEPUB could be a great tool for students to take content from your course blog or website and put it on their ereaders for easy access wherever they go. You could also use dotEPUB to create an ePub portfolio of your students' blogging efforts.

Enter Next Vista's Creative Compositions Video Contest

My friend Rushton Hurley's non-profit video sharing site Next Vista for Learning launched a new video creation contest this week. The Creative Compositions contest is open to students and teachers of all ages. There is a contest strand for students and one for teachers. To enter the contest create a ninety second video demonstrating and or explaining any academic concept in a creative way. The contest is open now and submissions close on November 11. Click here to read the full contest rules, get ideas fro past contest submissions, and get inspired to enter.

Month in Review - September's Most Popular Posts

As I look out my over my back deck and see the fallen leaves pile up, it is clear that September has come to an end and October has moved in. It also means that most of us have been back in school for at least a month. If September was as busy for you as it was for me, there is a chance that you might have missed a post or two on Free Technology for Teachers. If that's the case, take a look at September's ten most popular posts and see what other educators found as valuable on Free Technology for Teachers.

Here are September's most popular posts:
1. 12 Useful YouTube Accessories for Teachers and Students
2. 77 Educational Games and Game Builders
3. Three Good Sites Where Teachers Can Learn Tech Skills
4. Convert PDF to Word for Free
5. About Reusing Blog Posts - How to do it Properly
6. EdCamps Everywhere! Find One or Host One
7. Thinking Blocks - Model Your Math Problems
8. A Great Overview of Web Tools for Teachers - Free eBook
9. Children's Books Forever - Free Children's eBooks
10. 5 Free and Simple Timers for Teachers

Image Credit: Sarah Sutter
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