Friday, October 7, 2011

I Done This - An Easy Way to Track Your Accomplishments

There are a lot of online tools for managing to-do lists and keeping track of what you accomplish each day. Almost all of those services require you to visit a site and log your activity everyday. iDone This takes a slightly different approach to keeping track of the things you accomplish. As an iDone This user every day you will receive an email that asks you, "what'd you get done today?" Reply to the email and iDone This will keep a record of what you did.

Applications for Education
iDone This could be a good service for students who need a little reminder each day to think about what they did or should have done that day. Just getting that simple email might trigger a student's memory of something he or she should have done that day.

Webinars for the New Animoto

Earlier this week Animoto introduced a new editing interface for its very popular video creation service. One of the new features that I really like is the expanded view for media sorting. Another nice new feature is the ability to see the text you type on each slide before submitting it for rendering. To help users get familiar with all of the new features Animoto, this week Animoto hosted a series of webinars. There is one more scheduled for tomorrow at 1pm EDT. All of the webinars have been recorded and are available here. I've embedded the recording of one of the webinars below.

The New Animoto Creation Process (10/4/2011) from AnimotoPro on Vimeo.

Free Stuff Friday - Free Learn Boost Tee Shirts

From time to time some of the sponsors of Free Technology for Teachers have tangible goods to give away to readers. Today, Learn Boost has three tee shirts to give away. To enter all you need to do is leave a comment through the Disqus form below. In your comment let us know what the most important feature is that you look for in a gradebook program. Or tell us what feature(s) you'd like to have in a gradebook program.

Entries will close at 8pm Eastern Time. are closed. The winners have been notified.

Speaker Deck - Another Way to Share Your Slides

There are plenty of good services on the web that enable users to publish their slides for the world to see. Speaker Deck is one of those services. Speaker Deck allows you to upload your PDFs and have them displayed as slideshows. Speaker Deck will divide and format your PDF for optimal display. Unlike a lot of other services Speaker Deck doesn't appear to have a voice-over capability, but if you're just looking to share slides, Speaker Deck's clean and simple interface offers what most people need.

Applications for Education
If you or your students have PDFs or slides that you want to publish for the world to see, Speaker Deck is an option to consider. Speaker Deck provides an embed code that you can use on your blog or you can simply direct people to the url assigned to your slides by Speaker Deck.

H/T to Larry Ferlazzo via Twitter.