Monday, October 10, 2011

Shwup Renamed as Muvee Cloud - Still Easy to Make Videos

Last fall I wrote about a neat video creation tool called Shwup. Shwup is similar in nature to Animoto and Stupeflix. Shwup has been renamed as Muvee Cloud. It still has all of the same excellent collaboration tools that it did before. You can create private group photo albums and use those photos to create videos. As the creator of a video you can choose to make your videos private or you can choose to share them on the web.

Applications for Education
Muvee Cloud could be a good way to share photos from your class with your students' parents. If you take your class on a field trip and have parents take pictures while they chaperon they could contribute to a private album you've created on Muvee Cloud.

Video Dropper - Send YouTube Videos to Your Dropbox Account

Videodropper is a free service for sending your favorite YouTube videos to your Dropbox account. When you link your Dropbox account to Videodropper you'll be able send videos your Dropbox for download. With the two services connected you simply copy the url of a video into Videodropper and it will be sent to your Dropbox account and from there you can download the video to your computer.

Applications for Education
If you work in a school that blocks YouTube access, Videodropper could be a great way for you to download and organize the videos that you want to show to your students. Of course, you would have to do that from home or some other place where YouTube isn't blocked. Then when you get to school you'll be able to open the videos from the download on your computer.

Whenever I mention downloading YouTube videos I like to remind folks that doing so might be a violation of YouTube's TOS. So use Videodropper at your own discretion. 

Thanks to Doug Peterson for sharing Videodropper on Google+

Have You Updated Your Browser Recently?

In the last few days I've had some people contact me to say that they cannot see the slides I've posted in various blog posts and pages. In each case, the solution has been for that person to update their web browser. Besides being able to see all of the content on your favorite websites there are some other practical reasons for updating your browser. If you're not sure which browser you're using or which version you're using, you can find out by visiting What Browser?