Thursday, October 13, 2011

YouTube Space Lab - See Your Experiment in Space

Earlier this week YouTube and Lenovo launched the YouTube Space Lab contest. This contest asks students ages 14 to 18 to submit a video of an experiment they would like to see conducted at the International Space Station. The winning experiment will be streamed live on YouTube. The contest is open for submissions through December 7. The video below provides an introduction to the contest.

Webinars for Teacher-Librarians Tomorrow and Saturday

As I mentioned in my previous two posts, I'm in Spokane, Washington through tomorrow evening for the Washington Library Media Association's annual conference. Today, was the pre-conference day and if it's any indication of what's to come tomorrow and Saturday, it's going to be an awesome event. One of the things that WLMA is doing tomorrow and on Saturday is to live-stream some of the sessions. The sessions will be interactive for both physical and remote participants. My session on Personal Learning Networks will be streamed tomorrow. Joyce Valenza's session, "Ten Things Teacher-Librarians Must Teach" will be streamed on Saturday. There are others being streamed too. You can see the schedule here.

Google Across the Curriculum - How-to's and Intro Activities

This afternoon at the Washington Library Media Association's annual conference I facilitated a three hour workshop on using Google products in schools. As I promised to all attendees, below I have posted the slides from today's workshop. Within the slides you will find links to how-to's and activities for introducing yourself and others to a variety of Google's great products. As always, feel free to use the activities and slides with your colleagues and students.

Digital Storytelling Resources and Ideas

This morning, at the Washington Library Media Association's annual conference I ran a workshop on digital storytelling tools and ideas for digital storytelling projects. As I do for every workshop I run I promised to post the resources and slides before night-fall. Below are the slides from the lecture portion of my workshop. The last slide will link you to my big list of free digital storytelling tools. (The slides lose a lot of meaning when you can't hear me talk about them).