Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Science Behind the News - The Why Files

The Why Files is a good website that I discovered in a Classroom 2.0 discussion. The Why Files is a resource designed for students to learn about the science of stories in the news. The Why Files doesn't cover every news story, just the stories that have clear connections to science concepts. For example, one of the stories on the front page over the weekend was about the start of Hurricane Season. The story goes on to explain in text, image, and video the science of hurricane formation.

Applications for Education
Most of the material on The Why Files is geared toward an elementary and middle school audience. The teachers' section of The Why Files offers pdf guides and quizzes that you can use to teach the science of the stories featured on the front page of The Why Files. The Why Files could also be a good resource for students to explore independently or with their parents.

60 Second Science Lessons

Scientific American is a staple in school and public libraries. Tonight while reading an article about increasing creativity, I discovered the Scientific American podcasts. There are other series of podcasts created by Scientific American that might interest you as well; 60 Second Science, 60 Second Mind, 60 Second Earth, and a longer set of podcasts called Science Talk.

Applications for Education
Scientific American's 60 Second podcasts could be an educational, interesting, and entertaining way to start a science class. You never know when a student's curiousity might be piqued. Offering students quick lessons from a variety of science topics increases the chances that they may hear something that they want to explore further.

Week in Review - The Most Popular Posts

This week was a busy week for me personally as I had the privilege to present in Charlottesville, Virginia on Monday and in Spokane, Washington on Thursday and Friday. As a result of spending so much time traveling the posting was a little lighter this week. Still I managed to publish twenty blog posts. My favorite new discovery this week was a service called Live Minutes that offers free webinar hosting. Below you will find the other most popular posts of the week.

Here are this week's most popular posts:
1. Animated Explanation - How a Virus Invades Your Body
2. Two Simple Things You Can Do To Increase Communication With Students and Parents
3. How to Get Started Using Posterous Spaces
4. Smore - A Slick Tool for Creating Online Flyers and Pages
5. iDone This - An Easy Way to Track Your Accomplishments

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