Thursday, October 20, 2011

Video - The Tell Tale Heart

This post is for my colleague Pam who is teaching a lesson about The Tell Tale Heart this week.

Applications for Education
Anyone that teaches short stories as part of their curriculum should be aware of the plethora of videos about those stories available on sites like YouTube and Teacher Tube.

On a related note, if YouTube is blocked at your school you may want to try one of these 47 Alternatives to YouTube.

Geosense - An Online Geography Game

Geosense is a fun way to use and improve your knowledge of world geography. Players can play against the computer or challenge another player. Geosense can be played anonymously or you can register and have your scores recorded for you. There are four Geosense maps (US, World, Europe, or advanced) that players can select from. Geosense is also available as an iOS app.

Applications for Education
Geosense could be a fun way for students to learn geography. If students create an account they can record their scores to track their own progress. One way to get students engaged in learning geography through Geosense is have them challenge each other.

Thinking About Pinterest

Last spring my former colleague Abbie Morrison (who does some great photography) introduced me to Pinterest. At the time I didn't think much of it. But recently I've seen it pop-up more and more frequently in my personal sharing network. This afternoon I spent some time exploring Pinterest and realized that there are some possible uses for it in education.

Pinterest is a service for visually sharing your interesting finds on the web. With a Pinterest account you can visually bookmark the things you want to share with others. You can create multiple "boards" or categories to which you pin your finds. You can share links to your Pinterest boards. Take a look at the public Pinterest boards in the education category to get a sense of what it's all about.

Applications for Education
Pinterest is still in a closed beta (you can register, but you'll have to wait for an invitation to start using it) but you can still explore the public Pinterest boards to see what current users are sharing. If you get an invitation to the service you could use Pinterest to create a set of visual bookmarks to share with your students or colleagues. My colleague Abbie showed me Pinterest because she had found a set of visual bookmarks linking back to Free Technology for Teachers blog posts.

Google A-Z

As we know, Google offers a lot of free products and services for a wide variety of purposes. Have you ever wondered just how many there are? Or where you can find them all? If so, Peter Beens has compiled a list of them all. The list can be found in this public Google Document.