Monday, October 31, 2011

Month in Review - October's Most Popular Posts

It's the end of the month and as I do every month I've gone through and made a list of the most popular posts of the month. The month in review serves two purposes. First, it gives you a chance to see what other readers found useful. Second, it gives me a chance to review what readers found useful and provides ideas for what to write in the future.

Here are October's most popular posts:

Image Credit: Sarah Sutter
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Where Are You In the 7 Billion? Find Out Here

Earlier today, I posted a couple of resources from NPR and National Geographic for teaching students how the world's population grew to 7 billion and what that means for the world. Just a few minutes ago I discovered another neat resource dedicated to the topic of the population reaching 7 billion.

The World at Seven Billion is an interactive resource from the BBC that you can use to determine approximately when you were born relative to the other seven billion people on Earth. To find out what your number is, just enter your birthday and press "go." Your number is determined using the UN Population Fund's data.

The World at Seven Billion can also be used to see how quickly your country is growing or shrinking by the hour, day, and year. The World at Seven Billion also provides life expectancy data based on your home country.

Visualizing How We Reached 7 Billion

This morning NPR had a story about the world's population reaching 7 billion. Then this afternoon Ronald Ho posted a link to the following visual explanation of how the population reached grew so fast over the last two hundred years. Watch the visualization below.

National Geographic has been running a year-long series of stories about the population reaching 7 billion. You can find all of those resources here.

Applications for Education
Some questions for students to ponder as they watch the visualization: why did the population increase so rapidly? What problems for the environment will the growing population cause? What problems could competition for resources cause?

Moredays - A Multimedia Personal Planner

Do a quick search for online task management or personal planners and you're bound to come back with many options to pick from. Most of the services in that category offer a very similar set of features like calendars and email reminders. Moredays is a new entry (still in beta) into the personal planner market that is offering a little bit more than their competitors.

Moredays offers all of the calendar and reminder options that we've come to expect from online personal planners. And like most good planner services, Moredays has an iPhone app. How Moredays differentiates itself from the market is by offering the option to include images, videos, maps, and sketches as a part of your daily planner. I think it would be very handy when I plan a meeting with a new people to be able to include a pictures of those folks on that day in my calendar. Then when I look at my schedule I'm also practicing remembering those peoples' names before we ever meet in person. Watch the video below for a two minute overview of the all of the options Moredays offers.

MOREDAYS Screencast HD from MOREDAYS on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
The option to include images and videos into a personal planner could be a great option for students. If students are in the habit of using a personal planner to keep track of test dates they might want to drop in a diagram or video on to view when they view their test dates. That way they can get in a quick review while reviewing their other important dates.

Last Minute Halloween Resources for Teachers

I ran this post last Monday, but just in case you missed it here are some last minute Halloween resources. And below is the Google Doodle video for today. 

Halloween is just one week away. This morning on I found a few Halloween-themed resources that you might want to put on your classroom website or share in another manner.

All About the Pumpkin is a short video overview of pumpkin statistics.

Halloween by the Numbers is an infographic of pumpkin and candy statistics.

Looking for some pumpkin carving ideas? Check out this set of carving templates. I like the template for carving Mount Rushmore.

Here are some of my Halloween resources from past years:
Halloween Safety Sites
Mapping Halloween
Halloween History and Games - Reformation Day Too
National Geographic Halloween History and Games
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A GIMP Halloween Project