Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SlideShark - Convert & View PPT on Your iPad

From the same people that created My Brainshark comes SlideShark. SlideShark is a free app for converting and viewing PPT files on your iPad. SlideShark converts your PowerPoint files without losing any of your original formatting, transitions, or animations. To use SlideShark just upload your PPT files to your free SlideShark account, SlideShark converts the files for you, then you can access your converted files on your iPad at anytime using the free SlideShark app.

The video below provides an overview of how SlideShark works.

Applications for Education
If your school is one that is trying to implement an iPad program, SlideShark could be a handy app for you. In particular, students and teachers who don't have iPads at home, but use them at school could benefit from SlideShark. Those students and teachers could still use their old reliable PPT tools at home then come to school where their presentations will still look great when viewed on an iPad.

Artsonia - An Art Museum for Kids and Store for their Parents

Artsonia is a site that has been around for a while. In fact, I thought I had written about it before, but a search of my archives tells me that I haven't. Artsonia is a site designed for students to share their art work in public galleries. Students and teachers can indicate their school's name when they upload their artwork. Parents and other family members can search Artsonia by school name to find their children's artwork. Then, if they're so inclined, parents can purchase things like coffee mugs, aprons, tee-shirts, and other trinkets with their child's artwork on it. 15% of purchases go to the child's school.

Learn more about Artsonia in the video below.

Applications for Education
For teachers Artsonia offers a community forum for exchanging art lesson plan starters. Currently, there is nearly 4,000 lesson plan starters available for free in the Artsonia community.