Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Year in 60 Seconds - A Video Project Idea

The Year in 60 Seconds is a video from Reuters featuring images and some sound bites of the year's biggest global news stories. I found this video on The English Blog. As Jeffrey Hill mentioned on his post, the video makes you wonder if anything good happened in 2011. The video is embedded below, but if you're reading this in RSS you might need to click through to see the video.

Applications for Education
I'm sure as that as the month progresses we'll see many more "year in review" news videos and slideshows popping-up on the web. Instead of waiting for those videos to appear, challenge your students to create their own "year in review" news videos. FlixTime and Animoto are two easy-to-use video creation tools that are well suited to producing videos like the one from Reuters embedded above.

Week in Review - The Most Popular Posts

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Good morning from Maine where the air is frigid, the sun is shining, and my dog is patiently waiting to go for a romp in the woods. Before he gets to romp, I have to post this week's list of the most popular posts. I'm occasionally asked why I write this post every Saturday. The answer is that many readers tell me they like it because it's a quick way to catch up on things that they missed during a busy week.

One of the things I neglected in November's month in review was an update on subscriber count. In November, Free Technology for Teachers surpassed the 41,000 subscriber mark and 17,000 Facebook likes. Thank you all for continued support by sharing posts and spreading the word about this blog.

Here are this week's most popular posts:
1. Stop, Think, Connect - Web Safety Resources from Microsoft
2. Documentary Tube - A Good Place to Find Documentaries
3. National Geographic Big Cats Education
4. Create Choose Your Own Adventure Videos
5. New Blogger Tutorial Videos
6. Video - How to Sit At Your Computer
7. Museum of Obsolete Objects - Videos of Changes in Technology

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