Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Educreations - Use Your iPad as a Whiteboard and Record a Lesson

Educreations is a new iPad app that turns your iPad into a whiteboard. You can use the app to illustrate concepts and narrate what you're doing on the screen. You can draw images from scratch on the Educreations iPad app or you can upload images and draw on them. Your completed lesson can be shared directly to others or made public on the Educreations website.

Applications for Education
Educreations is very similar to Show Me and Screen Chomp iPad apps. All three of these free iPad apps could be used to deliver short lessons to students. You could also use these free iPad apps to have students develop and share short lessons with each other and you.

Any.DO - Make Things Happen With Collaborative Task Management

Any.DO is a free Android App (iPhone version coming soon) for creating to-do lists and sharing them with your friends and colleagues. On Any.DO you can type out a list of tasks or enter tasks by speaking into your phone. Once you've entered your task you can assign it to a day and time for completion. After assigning a completion deadline you can share that task with anyone in your contacts list even if she doesn't have the Any.DO app installed on her phone.

Any.DO also gives you the option to attach notes to your tasks, set reminders for your tasks, and put notes into folders that you've created. For example, if I have notes of a personal nature like my grocery shopping list I can put that list into my "personal" folder instead of my "work" folder. And unlike some free Android apps, in my testing of the app Any.DO didn't appear to insert ads into my notes.

Applications for Education
Any.DO could be a great Android app for students to use to keep track of assignments and due dates. I like the option to add notes through voice messages instead of typing them out. One of the impediments for some students to successful use of task management tools is taking the time to write down the tasks they need to do. By using the voice recorder that impediment is removed.

NASA Reverb ECHO - Earth Science Data Discovery

NASA's Reverb ECHO is a free tool for discovering and exploring more than 2700 Earth Science data sets. Reverb ECHO allows you to search for data sets according to keyword, region, data collection instrument, or date of collection. You can also explore the datasets by highlighting and selecting a region on the map provided. The video below provides a very detailed tour of NASA's Reverb ECHO tools.

Inspire My Kids - Inspiring Videos and Pictures

Inspire My Kids is a neat website featuring stories designed to inspire kids to positive actions. Inspire My Kids uses videos, pictures, audio, and text to tell the stories of inspiring people and groups of people. You can find stories on Inspire My Kids by browsing through the list of values and topics. You can refine your story search by age appropriateness.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for some stories to use in a character education conversations with students, Inspire My Kids could be a good place to find those stories. The stories should spark some good discussion within your classroom.