Monday, January 30, 2012

Moglue - A Platform for Building Interactive eBooks

Moglue is a platform for creating interactive ebooks that can be viewed on iPads and soon will be available for viewing on Android tablets too. Moglue's creation tools can be used on Windows and Apple computers. I initially reviewed Moglue back in October. Since then it has made a few changes. Moglue is free to use and it is free to download your creations to view on your own device. If you want to publish your ebooks for others to access through the Moglue store or the Apple store, you do have to pay for those options. The video below offers a short overview of Moglue.

Applications for Education
The obvious question when looking at Moglue is, "how is this different from Apple's new iBooks Author?" The answer is, you can use Moglue on Windows computers. So if your school has Windows computers and you were feeling left out when Apple announced iBooks Author, Moglue has a tool that you can use to create your own interactive ebooks too.