Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Google Good To Know

I originally wrote this post three months ago. All that I wrote then is still true today. But today, Google announced that they have added more resources to Google Good To Know. The updates to Good To Know include information about 2-step verification (which I highly recommend using), information about Google+, and Adsense ad preferences (or why you see the ads you do on some websites and blogs like this one).

Have you ever wondered what Google and other websites do with the data they collect from visitors? Have you wondered how they collect data from users? Do you want to know the answer to these questions and others related to digital data collected from you? If so, check out Google Good to Know.

Google Good to Know explains how Google and other sites use the data that they collect from visitors. It also offers suggestions on how to manage your digital footprint. And for those who need reminders, the Stay Safe Online section of Good to Know offers some good advice even if it is very Google-heavy. The video from the Stay Safe Online section of Good to Know is embedded below.

Applications for Education
Managing digital footprints is something that we all should be teaching and reminding our students to do. Google Good to Know could be a good starting point for building your own lessons on managing digital footprints. After reviewing the Google materials you might ask students to create their own short videos like the one above, to inform others of simple things they can do to manage their digital data online.