Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello Slide - Easily Add Narration to Your Slideshows

Slides are the medium that most people default to when they need to give a presentation in person or over the web. When used correctly, slides are useful in helping you convey a message. The problem with most slide presentations is that there needs to be a speaker's voice attached to them to make them meaningful. Hello Slide is a tool that you can use to add voice narration to slides that you display online.

Hello Slide is different from services like Slideshare's Zipcast because instead of recording your voice you type what you want the narrator to say. Where you might type "speakers notes" in other slide programs, in Hello Slide you type out the narration. Hello Slide creates the audio and narrates your slides for you. While the voice is slightly robotic, it is much much better than most text to speech services.

To get started using Hello Slide, register for a free account, upload a PDF of your slides, then start typing your narration. It's very easy to use Hello Slide.

Applications for Education
Hello Slide could be a great way for students to construct and share narrated slideshows. I think of Hello Slide as a tool for simple digital storytelling projects. You could have students create a series of slides and add narration through Hello Slide to tell a story.

H/T to David Kapuler