Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spectacular 360 Degree Panoramas of Famous Places

AirPano is a great website that I learned about through a Facebook post by James Hollis. AirPano offers dozens of spectacular 360 panoramas of famous landmarks and cities around the world. The AirPano panoramas can be set to auto-play with a music accompaniment or you can navigate the panoramas manually. To find a panorama on AirPano you can browse the listings, search by keyword, or view a Google Map of all of the places AirPano has captured.

AirPano panoramas can be viewed in high or low resolution according to the speed of your Internet connection. The panoramas can be viewed on an iPad. You can also view the AirPano files in Google Earth.

Applications for Education
Having students open the AirPano files in Google Earth could be a good way for them to explore cities and landmarks in their correct geographic settings. AirPano's panoramas are well-suited to viewing and navigating on a touch screen computers and interactive whiteboards.