Friday, February 10, 2012 - Extensive Lists of Vocabulary Practice Activities

I've written about a lot of vocabulary development websites in the past (here are seven good ones) so I was kind of surprised when I realized that I have never written about offers hundreds of vocabulary practice lists and activities for students in elementary school through graduate school. In all there are more than 40,000 questions available through

When you sign up for you will be given an assessment quiz in order to give you suggested lists with which to start your practice. After completing the assessment you can use the practice lists suggested by or choose your own lists from the huge gallery of practice activities. keeps tracks of your progress for you and, if you care for this sort of thing, gives you a virtual achievement badge.

Applications for Education
The activities that I tried reminded me very much of the SAT. The activities were a mix of fill in the blank and analogy activities. Students using receive instant feedback on each question that they attempt. Overall, could be a good site for students to use in preparation for the SAT.