Monday, March 5, 2012

Dance Mat Typing - Typing Instruction and Practice

Dance Mat Typing is a nice little resource from the BBC. Young students (four to eight years old) can receive clear, informative typing instruction through Dance Mat Typing. There are four levels for students to work through. Within each level there are multiple lessons and practice activities. The very first lesson that students receive is placement of their hands on the keyboard. Each lesson and practice activity offers instant feedback in visual and audio form.

Applications for Education
Dance Mat Typing is simple and clear enough that most students should be able to use it on their own without much more than some initial instruction from a teacher or parent which makes it a good individual practice activity. One thing that readers in the US should note is that the letter "Z" is pronounced as "zed."

I can't remember where I learned about this resource, but I have a hunch that it was probably on Kevin Jarrett's blog