Friday, March 2, 2012

The Faculties - Videos from University Lecturers for High School Students

The Faculties is an interesting video project, based in the UK, that presents short videos of university lecturers speaking on topics in their fields.

There appears to be two purposes for these videos. The first purpose is to provide short lessons to high school age students about topics in the subjects in which they have an interest. The second purpose is to provide students with information that will familiarize them with the expectations and realities of being a college student. For example, in the history section of The Faculties you will find a videos like this one about the Russian provisional government of 1917, but you will also find videos like this one about writing undergraduate history papers.

Applications for Education
The Faculties could be a good place for students to learn more about the subjects that they're considering pursuing degrees in. The Faculties could also be a good place for students to learn, in advance of stepping on campus, what they will need to do to have a successful undergraduate experience.

There are six sections to The Faculties;  English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, History, and Psychology.