Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still Crazy After All These Years - Crazy About RSS

I still remember the first time I saw Google Reader in action. I was instantly in love it! Without a doubt RSS feeds and Google Reader are the most important tool that I use on a daily basis. Sure I could subscribe via email to all 300+ of my favorite websites, but who wants more email? And I certainly don't want to open 300+ sites individually. Subscribing to RSS feeds in Google Reader lets me keep up with my favorite sites. So while tech blogs like to make claims that Twitter, Google+, and other platforms will make RSS feeds redundant, I still love my RSS feeds.

What is RSS?

What is Google Reader?

More and more I'm consuming RSS feeds through Feedly instead of Google Reader, learn more about Feedly in the video below.

Feed Your Mind On The Go from Feedly on Vimeo.