Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Best of Next Vista for Learning

I've written about Next Vista for Learning in the past and I mention it more often than not in my presentations because I think that it is a fantastic place for students and teachers to showcase their video projects. One of the ways that students and teachers can showcase their works is by making submissions to Next Vista's frequent video contests.

This afternoon I mentioned to Rushton Hurley, founder of Next Vista, that I had shown one of the winning videos from a recent contest during a presentation and he replied with a list of all of the videos tagged as "finalists" from their contests. Here is the list of 53 student and teacher produced videos that qualified as contest finalists over the last couple of years. . Like all Next Vista videos, these videos teach a short lesson of some type. I've embedded two of my favorites below.

Applications for Education
Students creating videos to teach lessons to other students is a great basis for a video project. Whether your looking for ideas for a project or your looking for a place to share your students' video projects, Next Vista for Learning is a site that you should have bookmarked.

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