Friday, April 27, 2012

Record MP3 - A Simple MP3 Recorder

Last year I published a short list of free and simple tools for creating MP3 recordings to post online. Record MP3 is another good tool to add to that list. To record a message using Record MP3 just grant the Flash recorder access to your computer, click record, and start talking. When your recording is complete you will get a link that you can post online or email to anyone you want to hear your recording.

Applications for Education
Tools like Record MP3 are great for posting short reminder messages on your blog for your students to hear. If  you're going to be out of your classroom for a day, record a message with that day's directions for student and post it on your blog. Then your substitute teacher can hear the directions and your students can too and nothing gets lost in the chain of communication.

H/T to Clif Mims and his bookmark posts.