Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Use Slideshare in Google+ Hangouts

I've been a fan of Slideshare for years now. Slideshare makes it very easy to upload and share presentations. A couple of years ago Slideshare introduced Zipcast for presenting your slides online. Now you can present your Slideshare slides inside a Google+ Hangout. Last week Google announced that Slideshare is one of six featured apps for Hangouts.  Whenever you're in a Hangout you can select a Slideshare from the apps menu to share your slides.

Applications for Education
Ever since Google announced that Google+ Hangouts could be used by teenagers, Google+ has become more useful for academic settings. If you have slides in Slideshare that you want to present to a live audience, now you can do so in Google+. Students working in groups can use Google+ to get feedback from peers on their slides.