Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vocal National Anthems - Anthem Recordings

This summer we'll hear lots of national anthems played at the Olympics. Get your students familiar with anthems that are new to them by visiting the Vocal National Anthems channel on YouTube. On the channel you will find more than 300 recordings of national anthems both with and without vocals.

National anthem of the United States.

National anthem of my northern neighbors.

Applications for Education
Fans of The Office (U.S. version) might recall the episode in which Jim and Pam host the office Olympics.  That's all I could think of when I found the Vocal National Anthems channel. For physical education teachers looking to add a little extra to their classes, have students pick a country to represent and then play the corresponding anthems for outstanding performances in class.

Vocal National Anthems could also be used in geography lessons or in geography presentations that your students give to the class.